Garmin Live Traffic

// What is Traffic?
Traffic is an information service, provided by Altech Netstar Traffic (Pty) Ltd (ANT) that enables the identification of traffic congestion or incidents along a planned route which is displayed on a compatible Garmin Portable Navigation Device (PND).

// How do I subscribe to Traffic?
In order to receive the Live Traffic service, a Traffic Subscription is required. All new GTM 35 Traffic Receivers comes with a Lifetime Traffic Subscription which requires no renewal. Older traffic receivers that were provided with a 12 month subscription can be renewed to a Lifetime subscription by purchasing a renewal once the existing service expires.

Previously purchased Garmin PNDs which were supplied with a GTM Traffic Receiver require a Traffic Subscription which can only be purchased and activated from this website. The cost of a new Lifetime Traffic Subscription is R299.00 including VAT.

Traffic Coverage
Traffic coverage is currently limited to  Cape Town Gauteng and  Kwa-Zulu Natal. The service will be expanded to other major metropolitan areas and through alliances with key radio stations, in the near future.

// How Does Traffic Work?
The traffic information transmitted by ANT will be displayed on the screen of a compatible Garmin device and will typically detail the cause of the traffic congestion or delay and how this will affect your journey. For example, the cause (known as a traffic incident) might be a ‘multiple vehicle accident’ and the effect (the traffic delay on your route) is determined in minutes. This information is valuable to know when planning a route or navigating towards a destination. Traffic data is collated from thousands of probe vehicles on the roads and is supplemented with reports from ANT recovery helicopters deployed over major metropolitan areas and alliances with key radio stations.

How do I know if I can get Traffic on my Garmin PND?
If you own a compatible Garmin PND but do not have a GTM Traffic Receiver or a valid Traffic Subscription you will need to purchase a GTM 35 Traffic receiver (see compatible devices below) to enable the Live Traffic service.
Traffic Receiver and compatible Garmin Devices

 GTM 35
 Part No: 010-00896-15
 nüvi 3490
 nüvi 3590
 nüvi 2495
 nüvi 2595
 nüvi 3790
 nüvi 3760
 nüvi 1300
 nüvi 1310
 nüvi 1410
 nüvi 2200
 nüvi 2300
 nüvi 2360
 nüvi 2460
 nüvi 1200
 zūmo 220